Workplace wellness: remote work and flex hours

Why should our work be limited to a specific eight-hour block in one 10,000 square-foot building? More companies are trending towards remote workers and flexible hours, promoting workplace wellness.

For example, Room 214’s work remote policy states:

Our culture puts people first. Life happens, weather happens, long commutes are a reality and sometimes you need an environment with no distractions for deep work or to just get shit done. Our culture is also focused on the quality and volume of work, rather than the number of hours someone spends in their chair at the office.

An employee could do their best work sitting on their couch in sweatpants at 10pm. Another could work best at 5:30am sipping tea and watching the sunrise. If that’s their best work, they should have the freedom to work in those environments.

Another benefit to the policy is that it alleviates unnecessary stress. Do you need an environment with no distractions to knock out a deliverable? Do you need to stay home and work there after a delayed flight? It’s all focused on doing your best work, and we feel our best work is created when we are flexible and in the most efficient mindset.

A recent study by Robert Half offered the following statistics: Of those surveyed, 88% of employees want a flexible work schedule, while 62% of employers offer the perk. In addition, 55% want the ability to work remote, while just 14% of employers offer that ability.

The importance of in-person collaboration and a shared workspace is not downplayed here. Teams need to have face-to-face conversations. And culture is created from people being "in the trenches" together. However, this type of flexibility opens up an opportunity for creativity because people have different working styles, which should be encouraged rather than limited.

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