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Author Caitlin Sherwood


4 Food Brands that Are Continuously Innovating — And What We Can Learn From Them

There are among us, a few elusive brands that are so on it, we wonder “how do they do it?” and “how many hours a week do you think their employees...
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3 Food Trends From The Other Side of the World to Look for in the US in 2019

Asian food as we know it (“we” being residents of the United States) has a long way to come before it echoes authenticity. But in 2019, we do expect...
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What's Next for Kombucha?

A beverage once recalled from Whole Foods for containing too much alcohol, kombucha has long since recovered its reputation and secured its place at...
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January Trend Flight: Butter, Celery Juice & Saving Bees

Each month, we like to highlight three quick trends happening in the food and wellness space. Our January 2019 trend picks? Read on for our January...
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Best & Worst Food Trends of 2018

Trends come and trends go. And when they go? Sometimes we think of yesteryear's trends with fond nostalgia, but other times... we just pretend they...
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Recipe for Pinterest Success

Pinterest is planning life's moments. And 'tis the season for planning, making Pinterest the perfect place for brands. 1 in 2 Pinners make a purchase...
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Our Love Affair with Food that Comforts

Have you ever seen a dish of mac n' cheese, fresh from the oven topped with crispy breadcrumbs and not had your eyes turn into hearts? Summer may be...
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Drink Responsibly ;)

Did you know that 42 million tons of grain are discarded from breweries a year? Or that 44% of bread made in the UK goes to waste? Yup, there's a...
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Flipping the Restaurant Industry on Its Head

In America's most expensive cities, the restaurant industry suffers under economic factors. Most restaurants garner between 3-5% profit margins which...
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2018's Top 5 Food Brands on Instagram

Tantalizing photographs of food and drinks have always been one of the most popular features on Instagram. If you see someone, and/or are annoyed by...
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