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Coherence Accelerator: The First Step to Transforming Your Marketing

No, you don’t need a new website. Or a new social media content calendar, or a new lead generation service. Or, maybe you do?

How are we doing?
Where should we put budget first?
What will move the needle?
Is this initiative important?

Our most frequently asked questions revolve around what marketing efforts to focus on and when. Our clients aren’t interested in vanity metrics, performative marketing, or investing in initiatives that don’t directly speak to business objectives.

But marketers and business leaders are met by specialist agencies who usually endorse doing more. More Google advertising, more content marketing, more display, more brand development, more sales enablement (because they get paid to do “more”). Marketing agencies grade their clients without reference to the industry landscape, the client’s digital maturity level, nor their objectives and goals.

Most teams will look to some form of digital marketing audit to uncover ways to optimize their existing practices. But in today’s market, that is no longer enough—instead, we believe in the pursuit of coherence.

Coherence: the quality of being logical and consistent; the quality of forming a unified whole.

When we think about marketing coherence, that means we view brand, marketing and sales activities as a unified system, and look at how we can improve each element in service to the whole.

Our team has worked with hundreds of clients across industries, and we enjoy leveraging our expertise to arm our clients with knowledge. After an examination of your digital platforms, competitors, and industry, we give you an analysis to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and priorities.

Coherence accelerators aren't just about the brand in a vacuum, but within the context of the industry and the nature of their customer. Therefore the diagnosis and action plan will never be the same - because we're not interested in 'marketing' best practices, we're interested in your best practices. Armed with the Coherence Accelerator, clients find they have a clear order of operations to scale reliably.

Watch for our next post on the Coherence Accelerator, where we dive into the actual process.


Kat Liptak



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