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Proven Tactics for Finding Leads

Here is our best-kept secret: a set of proven tactics to find new business leads. 

You can use lead lists for sales outreach, social media growth, and targeted advertising – a good lead list is priceless.

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In this guide, you’ll learn
  • How to find leads in bulk

  • How to find specific high-quality leads

  • How to verify and qualify leads

You will need to keep in mind your organization’s budgets, timelines, and in-house resources, but there are three main ways to find leads in bulk: 

  • Hire an expert to create a personalized list of leads 

  • Download leads from an online platform

  • Find leads through social media

Enjoy these tips, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!


01. Hire a Lead Expert

Some online companies specialize in lead lists that can be custom-tailored for your marketing efforts. We recommend using this approach if you have an established cold email process and know your customer acquisition costs. 

Make sure you get quotes from several companies (such as Upwork or Fiverr) and ask them for a sample list so you know the quality of their leads. The advantage of hiring a company or a professional to build a list of leads is:

  • Higher quality leads

  • More targeted data set 

  • Saves you effort and time

To save you time, we researched how much it could potentially cost for contact/lead lists in the CBD industry for both B2B and B2C.

B2B List Built with the following verticals: 
B2C List Built with the following verticals: 
Targeted Titles: CMOs, CFOs, CEOs, and Founders Targeted Audience: CBD users
Location: Colorado Location: Colorado
Industry: CBD-related E-commerce businesses  Interests: Wellness
Ages: 30-45
Cost: Approximately $550 for 3,000 company email addresses and phone numbers Cost: Approximately $2,000 for 70,000 consumer email addresses and phone numbers


02. Use a Lead Database

There are many online sites where you can find leads yourself. We recommend doing this only if you already have solid data for your search parameters and a firm grasp of your target audience. We also recommend taking advantage of free trials to download your first lists–just don’t forget to cancel!

B2B Leads

Storeleads is a great place to find B2B leads if you have a cold outreach strategy. Parameters can be set to focus on E-commerce stores, revenue level, and the technology used. Other alternatives are D7Leadfinder and Lead Carrot.

B2C Lists 

Salesfully is excellent for B2C lists and allows targeting by location, income, ethnicity, gender, and habits. They do offer a free trial. 


03. Use Social Media

Use your company’s social media accounts to follow or interact with your target customers to improve algorithmic recommendations. Also, optimize your social profiles before engaging with your target audience. They need to find clear and consistent messaging with visuals that best represent your brand on your profile.

When you do find people within your niche, extract their contact information and engage with customers by liking posts or commenting. This is an excellent tactic for growing your presence and creating a social media community.

Some Recommended Social Media Tools

Verify and Qualify Your Leads

After obtaining your first set of leads, you'll need to organize them to track your contact efforts and responses. Create a digital spreadsheet or enter the leads into a customer relationship management platform (CRM). Before sending mass emails, you must take three steps to ensure maximum deliverability. 

01. Eliminate duplicates. 

You don’t want to contact a lead with the same email or phone number more than once. If you’re not familiar with email deliverability yet, learn more about practices that impact the chances of your emails being marked as spam.

02. Verify email addresses. 

Double-check your emails using a platform such as Mail-tester, Neverbounce, or E-mail checker. Sending emails to nonexistent or wrong addresses will hurt your deliverability.

04. Use multiple accounts. 

If you plan on sending more than 30 emails a day, try to use more than one email account. Test your email copy before sending it with a program like Mail Genius. These programs will tell you the deliverability of the particular text and design you’re creating.


Categorize Your Leads

Don’t burn out your contacts by sending the same generic email to everyone. Instead, segment into top-quality leads, general leads, and low-priority leads. The criteria for doing so is up to you, but consider factors such as location, revenue, size, and how likely they are to do business with you. 


Asset 4


Asset 4 3-topqualitylead2
Start with the low-priority leads. That way you can learn through trial and error, refine your approach, and make adjustments.    Then send to your general leads using the insights you gain from your 1st send.    Save your top-quality leads for a personalized approach. Send them tailored emails and focus your efforts on getting their attention because they are your dream clients.


Make the Most of Your Leads

While there are many ways to build a lead or customer list, the most value is in how you use them. From setting up paid advertising audiences to interviewing customers, be sure to use your lead lists to reach a wider online audience.

Room 214 uses lead insights to adapt our marketing strategies, drive customer-centric innovation, and stay on top of trends. Integrating lead-based insights into your marketing strategy will help differentiate your company from the competition and optimize opportunities. 


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