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How Many Instagram Accounts Should Your Brand Have?

Our clients with sub-brands (for example, a company that offers a slightly different product for residential and commercial customers) often ask about how to manage Instagram. Specifically, should they have one or multiple IG accounts?

Although it depends on the brands’ specific situation and goals, below is our general recommendation along with a look at the pros and cons of each approach.

Our Recommendation

In most cases, Room 214 recommends maintaining one IG account to populate with the most relevant and engaging content across all brand/product lines. Although we see value in the ability to segment different audiences, we feel the two biggest benefits of one account are:

  1. It’s easier to establish the parent’s brand value
  2. It's easier to drive more momentum and more quality content

Pros of One IG Account

  • One consolidated place to communicate parent brand voice, values, and aesthetic - answers the question, “Who is this brand?”
  • Faster follower growth can be achieved since you only have one account and potential fans don’t have to choose between sub-brands. This also means you’ll be able to reach “verified” status sooner (requires 10K+ followers).
  • Higher levels of engagement with larger follower audience.
  • Search engine results penalize you when your brand is diluted across multiple accounts.
  • Brands with multiple accounts usually have large teams and content creation abilities to support more than one account. Managing multiple accounts can diminish resources. With one account, you don’t have to create as much content.
  • Alleviates consumer confusion about what your company does.
  • Helps to cross-sell services, especially when using shoppable posts.
  • Makes it easier for people to find you (it is easier to search for one IG account), and you don’t run the risk of customers accidentally following the wrong account.
  • Ability to add custom hashtags to each post which will make it possible for fans to still search and find content that is relevant to them.

Cons of One IG account

  • Harder to keep content fully relevant to everyone if your sub-brands have different audiences.
  • Ability to cross promote if you have multiple IG accounts. This is not possible with only one account.

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