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May the 4th: A Roundup of the Best Brand Executions of 2019

May the 4th, arguably one of the best days of the year for Star Wars social media fans! When sitting down to enjoy a feed of puns, sentimental or nostalgic moments and being ready to feel pumped for December, we were a little surprised at the scarcity of brands posting about the monumental day this year. To be fair, there are a lot of conversations happen on social right now: the Met Gala, Justin Timberlake ‘It’s gonna be May’ memes last week, Avengers and of course Game of Thrones (shout out for this GoT / Star Wars crossover from @housestarkbr).

We love seeing brands successfully execute on timely holiday social posts, it demonstrates they are agile and scrappy. Of course, we’re not recommending brands post just to check the box, because true fans of any holiday will be sure to call them out for it. Without further adieu, enjoy our roundup of the best May the 4th content social had to offer.

The passing of Peter Mayhew, who was the OG Chewbacca, sadly came a couple of days before this infamous holiday which heavily impacted posts on social. As fans should, they paid homage with loving posts and beautiful art.

The fan art this year was amazing and truly were the superstars of this year’s May the 4th:

Things were a little quiet on the celebrity-front. As we mentioned, so many fandoms are at a fever pitch right now. When it gets closer to December, we suspect more celebs will go into Star Wars hyperdrive.

Here were a few of our favorites:

Even though we were underwhelmed by the overall quantity of May the 4th posts, we have to give credit to the brands who seized the opportunity. Here are our favorites of the brands that did post.

  • @StarWars - Why we loved it: How can you not double tap BB-8 giving you a thumbs up on the best day in the galaxy? It was on brand, fun and easy.
  • @Pixar - Why we loved it: It’s Up and Star Wars together! What’s not to love? Also, it’s an awesome crossover of Disney brands.

A few honorable mentions. These are the brands that you may not typically associate with Star Wars, but they did some fun tie-ins that made sense with their social tone:

  • @hellosunshine - Why we loved it: ‘Cause it’s true! Between Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Arya and Rey, we have so much female fandom to look forward to. Plus things like this are happening - Go Brie!
  • @greenpeaceusa - Why we loved it: It was a cute play on the original phrase, and it makes us think of Endor and Ewoks.
  • @wow.disney_ - Why we loved it: Because woah, it DOES look like the Death Star.
  • @starbucks - Why we loved it: It was pretty cool, we’ll never look at a Venti cup the same way again! It’s also amusing how explicit Starbucks was that you cannot actually order this. And no one in the comments listened.

Until next year, nerds! Let us know if we missed any of your favorites, feel free to leave a comment below.

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