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The World's Top 50 Fashion Brands in Social Media

This month we're extremely excited to partner with our friends at InfiniGraph to bring you the first in a four-part series of in-depth social media reports on the fashion industry. In an industry full of early adopters, creative minds, and folks who aren't afraid to test boundaries, it's a big challenge to stand out with social media efforts. In our report, you will find a great analysis of the strategies and successes in social media of the biggest fashion brands in the world.


Who are the top 50 Fashion Brands?

We ranked them by total Facebook and Twitter Fans here:

The World's Top 50 Fashion Brands In Social Media

For a full analysis of these brands, their engagement rates, and their tactics fill out the form at the top of this post to get the full report. Here's what you'll learn:

Adapting To Your Customers

Today’s blooming fashionistas are more powerful than ever when it comes to recommending brands, products, and styles to their friends. The goal for fashion brands then is not to compete with social media in a self-expression economy, but to adapt and respond to consumer trends that have redefined the way customers discover, research, and shop for new styles and clothing.

Social Media Performance Benchmarks

The industry trend in social media is to focus more on tangible user interactions instead of traditional advertising measurements like reach and frequency. Using the metrics in our report, you will have a solid reference to define a target for your per-post engagement rate. This will tell you how well your posts do in terms of engagement performance compared to your industry peers.

Juggling Brand, Personality & Engagement

Image is everything in the fashion industry. The brands that skillfully craft interesting, personality-heavy content for their communities will see returns in the form of engagement. Photos are going to dominate your calendar, but it’s up to you to make sure they inspire an emotional connection with your fans. We provide plenty of examples of great executions.