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Customer & Brand Insights: The Value of Many Sources

Aligning your business around an experience that serves customers’ needs fully, every time - this requires a deep understanding of their motivators, needs and behaviors in the context of the market and the larger culture. You’re not going to get there with some demographic data and a hunch.

Insights work is a powerful tool for building outstanding customer experiences. But with so many data sources out there, it may be difficult to figure out where to start.

We’ve spent years tackling this issue, and have found that the right way to uncover profound but practical insights about customers, culture, competition and context is through an intimate and dynamic approach centered around one-on-one customer interviews supported by multiple data sources.

Inspired by Harvard professor Clayton Christensen’s Jobs to Be Done theory, we interview recent customers about their journey toward purchase, focused around the practical, emotional and social components affecting decision-making through the whole journey. This is highly specialized and strictly qualitative work. But after analyses of dozens of brands and interviews with countless customers, we can confidently say it provides a deeper level of insight and unexpected discovery than any other method out there.

When combined with additional primary and secondary research about human behavior, cultural trends, search traffic, social media conversation, and other sources, we can provide support, color, and context for the details we hear in the interviews.

This multi-source approach ensures we get beneath the surface to understand the deeper reasons for your actual customers’ actions, beliefs and behaviors. And it’s with this information that you can determine what makes your brand truly different and how best to serve, intrigue, and delight your customers now and for the long-term.

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