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Hearing Your Customer: Jamba Dropped the “Juice”

You can’t argue with words that come straight from your customer’s mouth.

A key part of the Room 214 insights process is interviewing customers, observing the functional, social and emotional drivers that led to purchase. Beginning with open-ended questions allows us to hear the words a customer uses, which are often different than branded product or service names. Being a third party gives us a leg up, as we remain just outside of the company and can remove ourselves from the jargon. When we compare customer interviews with internal brand team interviews, we listen to the distinctions in the way a customer describes the product versus the company.

Brands can lessen this common disconnection by listening to the way their customers speak about their products, the true words they use to describe the progress they’re trying to make. The latest example of a brand reflecting their customer’s point of view is Jamba Juice dropping “Juice” from its name. Why the name change? The company said fans have been calling it “Jamba” for years.

The name update is a small aspect of the brand’s evolution, which includes an expansion of menu offerings and customer experience-focused store updates of kiosks and self-service coolers. Jamba hopes to modernize its perception during the age in which consumers are more conscious of added sugars and empty calories that juice traditionally has. In line with the wellness movement, they also announced a focus on plant-based alternatives and ingredients of the moment, such as blue spirulina, a pigment derived from blue-green algae.

“We’re growing up with our customers.”
- Geoff Henry, Jamba President

While removing a word from the sign doesn’t seem like a bold move, Jamba’s updates have one thing in the center: the customer. "We're staying true to our heritage as an innovator in the space and refreshing the brand to stay focused on how we can make it easier, better and faster for guests to live a more active lifestyle,” Henry shared in an interview with Restaurant Business.

When we listen to how customers talk about brands and use products, we can meet them where they are, giving solutions that will help them make progress in their lives.

Laura Oxler



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