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The Coherence Accelerator: A Summary

We’ve spent years refining our approach to helping brands grow, culminating in our signature process, The Coherence Method. Bringing a brand into coherence can be a major undertaking, but our Coherence Accelerator is simple way for marketers to confidently determine where to begin. So how does it work?

The First Step to Coherence
The Coherence Accelerator is a simple but powerful analysis the provides expert advice on the five key elements of the Coherence Method as follows:

Intelligence - Brand positioning, messaging, and assets
Currency - Website, general content, specialized content
Distribution - Ecosystem, paid, SEO, email
Automation - Technical setup, automated communications, reporting, landing pages, forms, templates
Optimization - Analytics, integrations, real-time data views, testing, CRO

Our team has honed a diverse but interconnected set of expertise across all key elements of brand and marketing. This allows us to quickly help you focus your budget and resources on the right areas with our thought provoking analysis and clear recommendations—but it also requires a little up-front effort on your part to ensure we have all the context we need to get started.

The Process
1. You fill out our Intake Questionnaire with details on your business model, market, and challenges

2. We analyze the critical components of the five Coherence Method elements

3. We score each component, rate its importance, and back it up with detailed feedback and recommendations for first steps toward coherence

4. Finally, we gather with your team to review the results, answer questions, and discuss priorities

We strongly believe the Coherence Accelerator is a more powerful tool than a standard digital audit for getting on the right path toward marketing with impact.

Does this sound exciting? We think it is. Reach out and let’s get to work...

Michael Kwolek



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