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    Perks You Can Eat

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    Grounds for Innovation: Lab-Grown Coffee

    If you thought eggless eggs were a bonkers concept, then hold on to your hens… Because beanless coffee is officially here. But what is coffee without beans you say? In the words of co-founders Andy Kleitsch and Jarret Stopforth of Atomo Coffee, the morning staple is...
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    The Rise of Exotic Meat

    We’re pleased to introduce you to some menu items you may be less familiar with than the typical chicken or beef. We’re talking yak, ostrich, elk, pheasant, venison, alligator and beyond. But before we dive into these meats, we wanted to start by taking a look at...
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    March Trend Flight: Natural Deodorant, Imperfect Produce, and Hard Seltzer

    Each month, we highlight three quick trends happening in the food and wellness space. This month, we're talking about three rising trends you can find at your local market: natural deodorant, imperfect produce, and hard seltzer. Read on!
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    3 Food Trends From The Other Side of the World to Look for in the US in 2019

    Asian food as we know it (“we” being residents of the United States) has a long way to come before it echoes authenticity. But in 2019, we do expect several food trends from China and Japan — two countries that always seem to be looking for the next big thing — to...
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    February Trend Flight: Artisanal Bitters, Tahini & Biodynamics

    Each month, we like to highlight three quick trends happening in the food and wellness space. Our February 2019 trend picks? Read on for our February Trend Flight!
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    What's Next for Kombucha?

    A beverage once recalled from Whole Foods for containing too much alcohol, kombucha has long since recovered its reputation and secured its place at the hippie’s table and far beyond. It's even found a home on the shelves of convenience stores. The market has gone...
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    Nootropics: Mind-Bending Power Substances

    Say it with us, "nootropics!" Forget that name already? Well, you might need some of these mind-bending supplements for yourself. Why? Nootropics are substances or foods that could be the key to better memory, focus, and creativity! Sometimes called "smart drugs,"...
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    January Trend Flight: Butter, Celery Juice & Saving Bees

    Each month, we like to highlight three quick trends happening in the food and wellness space. Our January 2019 trend picks? Read on for our January Trend Flight!
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    Is That Your Fridge Calling? | The Connected Home in 2019

    Fans of 1999’s Disney Channel Original Movie, Smart House, rejoice: the connected home of the future is almost here! And with it, comes new age smart home devices and intelligent kitchen appliances (minus the scary malfunctions and glitches, hopefully). Cooking has...
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