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    Rethinking Influencer Marketing for 2020

    Influencer marketing is nothing new. From Sprint poaching Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” actor, to Fyre Festival’s uninformed influencers, influencer strategies have helped catapult brands into the public eye (for better and for worse) in the past few years. But...
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    IGTV: The Growing Influence of Influencers

    Instagram recently launched IGTV, allowing content creators to upload vertical videos up to an hour long. Of course, this represents a direct shot at Google/YouTube. But what’s more significant for marketers is what this says about the growing influence of...
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    Are You Being Duped? Fake Followers & Click Fraud

    Fake followers, or computerized social media accounts, and click fraud have been prevalent across social media since its genesis. Companies and individuals can purchase batches of followers comprised of fake accounts in an effort to increase social clout.
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    How to Rescue Your Failed Influencer Program

    Most brands have jumped on the influencer marketing hype train in some form or fashion. In fact, according to a recent study by Linqia, 81% of marketers say they’ve used the tactic, with 51% finding it more effective than branded content. The study also shows 39% of...
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