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Why Millennials are Taking their Meals in Halls

When I think of food halls, I am reminded of the open air market I visited in Cádiz, Spain established in 1838 and situated in Plaza de la Libertad....
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A Growing Wellness Trend: Inside the Minds of Millennial Plant Parents

There’s a plant store right by my house in Denver. When you walk in you’re greeted with a mossy, earthy aroma and natural light pouring in through...
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The Younger Generation: Marketers Shift From Millennials to Gen Z

Millennials — we love to hate them. From overpriced avocado toast to killing the (insert industry of choice here) industry, we’re the scapegoat for...
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Halal Food + Middle Eastern Flavors

What is halal food? It’s food that’s permitted under Islamic Law (as opposed to haram food, which is forbidden). Islamic law designates certain...
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