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The Only Food Gift Guide You Need

‘Tis the season for loved ones and friends to be extremely vague about what’s on their holiday gift lists. Lucky for you, we’ve poured through every listicle, asked our personal connections, and explored the aisles of Trader Joe’s so you don’t have to. Here are our top 10 personal picks for the best food gifts of 2019. 

  1. For the grill lover: Say it with us: “The world needs more sauce.” To get an extra saucy rack of ribs or to paint that delicious chimichurri onto your grilled veggies, you’ll need this Basting Brush Set available on Amazon for the under $20.
  2. For the booze lover: If you have a friend who’s prone to bringing homemade alcohol to a party, this infusion vessel is the gift for them. Grab it for $70 on Amazon and anticipate having maybe just a half a drink more.
  3. For the sustainable foodie: Stockings are infamously filled to the brim with plastic toys and trinkets we forget about shortly after unloading them. If you’re feeling guilty about the waste, then we have the perfect solution. Stuff this year’s stockings with Bee’s Wrap for more sustainable food storage. 
  4. A gift with a mission: A gift with a mission: This year, consider purchasing a premium gift bundle from the Women’s Bean Project. This company is on a mission to change the lives of women by hiring chronically underemployed women to craft their products—ranging from soup packets to brownie mixes.
  5. For the Meticulous Chef: If you, like me, were unfamiliar with the Sous Vide cooking technique it’s time you meet the French strategy. If you have a techy friend that loves to cook with precision, this tool is the perfect gift. Occupe-toi de tes oignons! (It means, “Mind your onions” and I thought it was appropriate here.) 
  6. For the Home Grown Chef: You know those friends who are always excusing themselves to snip some thyme from their home garden? This gift is sure to delight—not to mention it looks great in the home. The shiitake mushroom log kit is made from salvaged felled trees and lasts up to three years. It is the gift that keeps on growing. 
  7. The At-Home Barista: If you have a friend you can’t speak to before they’ve consumed a cup of coffee, the best gift you could possibly give them, and everyone around them, is the Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Box. They can travel around the world by virtue of their morning coffee and the box includes tasting notes and a postcard from the coffee’s place of origin. 
  8. The “Get out of my kitchen” Chef: This apron is no joke, but neither is your friend when it comes to the kitchen. Tell everyone who’s boss with this monogrammed apron from Nordstrom. 
  9. For the Cheese Board Experts: This cheeseboard triggers the same childlike joy of swiveling a lazy Susan and makes for a great gift. The grazing board continues to evolve and so should your cheeseboard. 
  10. For the Homebody: I was inspired by the show Master of None a few years ago and may have casually left a few tabs open with this pasta maker as a very subtle hint to my loved ones. Little did I know, this present would be followed by so many inexpensive date nights. This gift is all that and a bowl of pasta. 

Happy Holidays from all of us at Room 214. We know we write about trends, but we’ve taken a break with this piece to share some truly timeless gifts.

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Vanessa Kahn



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