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Digital Marketing to the Rescue

Screenshot of Digital Marketing DashboardAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep the world in a suspended state of uncertainty, proactive marketers have been turning to digital marketing to help generate leads and business. Social distancing, closed stores, and reduced income all point towards decreased marketing budgets and making those dollars work harder. Here’s a few tips on turning to digital marketing as a solution for your brand:


Let’s Get Digital:

Stress often creates great ideas. Rally your marketing team to find creative ways to reach customers, or reach out to a growth studio or agency who specializes in digital marketing. This is the perfect time to look into new opportunities for your brand like optimizing bids in paid search ads, shoppable posts on social media, and shareable content like quizzes. Consumers are more isolated than ever, you’ll have a more captive audience than ever before and your dollars will go further as a result. If your brand can find ways to connect consumers with each other and your product, you’ll be better equipped to thrive amidst the pandemic.


Cultivating Conversions:

Take time to think about unique ways that your product can fill a need for customers during social distancing. Then choose the digital strategy that makes the most sense for that need and write copy that speaks to it. Planning and being intentional will help your paid ads thrive. One of Room 214’s clients in the outdoor industry has seen a steady increase in their conversion rates since the beginning of the pandemic. A resurgence in customers finding time to be more active, and an increased desire to escape the house is certainly helpful, but some savvy copywriting and bid adjustments are helping our client capitalize on their digital ad presence.

We’re in a stressful time for everyone, there’s no doubt about that. For marketers, turning to platforms that make sense during a time of increased digital consumption is not only a logical solution, but a solution that may be a deciding factor in the success of your brand.

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Reed Fischer



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