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For foodies, the announcement of food vendors at large music festivals can be just as important as the performers. With an estimated $2,347 spent per Coachella attendee, we know festival-goers aren't afraid to shell out for their favorite festival goodies. But what about all the over-priced food headliners we've been seeing pop up?

Mocktails, Matcha and Juice Bars, Oh My!

Get ready for an onslaught of beverages to inundate festivals and instagram feeds alike. We aren't only talking our beloved summer water (rosé). We predict a slew of non-alcoholic wellness drinks that are just as photogenic as the coveted pink drink. We're seeing healthy options show up at music festivals - from Coachella's full service non-alcoholic cocktail bar to the juice bar to the juice bar and iced matcha station at Governors Ball.

Burgers + Veganism

man holding out two burgers

Ironically, burgers and veganism both intersect at music festivals, like Shake Shack's "full scale replica of their original Madison Park burger stand" at Coachella. At the same time, 44% of vegans are between the age of 25 and 34, which coincidentally is the age range of most festival-goers. So, we can expect healthy and vegan options to be a mainstay at future festivals.

Gram-Worthy Eats

From Coachella's iconic ferris wheel to Lollapalooza's urban cityscape our feeds will soon be filled with festival posts. Just like each meticulously-planned festival outfit, attendees will seek the most colorful (or nor... see charcoal infused everything) foods to delight their social followers.

people cheering with mocktails

What This Means for Brands

Coachella, and other festivals alike demonstrate the importance of experiential marketing and influencer strategies. Getting your product in the hands of the right people at the right time can help boost brand awareness and, hopefully, product loyalty among one of the most brand loyal demographics. Connecting a band activation with an appropriate influencer can help bridge the gap between festival attendees and your brand. So put yourself, and your unique product out there and headed for your festivals this summer!

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