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Happier at Work: What is Mindfulness in the Workplace?

Welcome to the first episode of our Happier at Work video series! As part of National Stress Awareness Month, we will spend the next few weeks covering the idea of mindfulness, empathy, emotional intelligence, meditation and happiness in the workplace.

We will provide in-video exercises and things you can practically apply to impact work happiness. We will also provide a TL;DL (too long didn’t listen) so you can skip to critical parts of the videos if that’s more your scene. We encourage you to add your own personal techniques, ask questions and contribute to the conversation.

Happier at Work: What is Mindfulness in the Workplace?

TL;DL: Here are the critical points in the video:

  • What is mindfulness? - 0:28
  • Background on mindfulness practice - 1:41
  • One minute meditation & breathing practice - 3:12
  • Practice & training for mindfulness - 5:49
  • How do I apply mindfulness? 6:26

Mindfulness in the Workplace

We spend a significant part of our lives either at, thinking about, or anticipating the work week. A report from Payscale and HuffPo Australia has calculated that we spend 13 years and 2 months at our jobs. It’s likely much higher for people who work overtime (and who doesn’t work OT these days amirite?).

There’s so much discussion about work-life balance and workplace happiness. What if a happy workplace contributed to that balance? We believe work can be a part of a happier life and company culture should be dedicated to giving employees resources to do this.

According to the Udemy 2018 Report on Workplace Distraction, 30% of study participants found that music, mediation or other relaxing techniques contributed greatly to their ability to cope with distraction. They also found tackling workplace distraction and stress resulted in happier employees, more motivation, higher quality work and productivity, and greater personal confidence.

So where does this happiness at work begin? We believe happiness starts with an awareness and toolset around mindfulness.

What has this meant for Room 214?

Quite honestly, we’re still learning.

Our first step was to provide training to the entire agency on mindfulness, meditation and empathy with Gayle Van Gils. That was a fantastic all-day session with a lot of enthusiasm to keep the momentum going. We laughed, we cried (true story), but each of us left with a toolset to start empowering our own growth and happiness.

As part of our learning and training initiative, we are providing additional resources and coaching to the team so they can continue to build on their own mindfulness practice. Our next immediate trainings will revolve around presence and listening (and how mindfulness plays heavily into both of those).

We are also incorporating meditation in our all-staff meetings, to help us be present, calm and ready to tackle challenges.

We’ll try to keep you in the loop as we’re implementing and learning from all that we’re trying, and share in subsequent blog posts.

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