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January Trend Flight: Butter, Celery Juice & Saving Bees

Each month, we like to highlight three quick trends happening in the food and wellness space. Our January 2019 trend picks? Read on for our January Trend Flight!

Butter is Back, Baby

Best way to make ten (or more) best friends at the office in 15 minutes flat? Bring a fresh loaf of sourdough, sliced to share, and slather each piece with garlic-infused ghee (Speaking from experience). Butter is back, baby, and in full slather mode. Consumers’ increased interest in global flavors, combined with niche trends like bulletproof coffee and a growing acceptance of fat as an essential nutrient is creating a melting pot of delicious, creamy goodness. Jump on this January Trend and mix up your next slice of toast: try Irish style, cultured, clarified (ghee - garlic flavor highly recommended), or Icelandic butter. Or, try a bottle of butter coffee.

January Trends Celery Juice


Let us Cel you on Celery Juice

If you haven't been on a digital detox, you've likely seen the green wave flowing across social media sometime this January: Celery Juice. Some cite the Medical Medium for the popularity of this golden juice. The juice supposedly promotes digestion, clears skin, relieves migraines, helps alleviate symptoms of Lyme disease, diabetes, vertigo and more! We were keen to see if the truth was in the celery juice, so we drank the Kool-Aid for a month. The results? We noticed healthier-looking skin, more restful sleep and steadier energy throughout the day without the 3 pm slump.


January Trends - Honey

Sweet As Can Bee

Either you have a friend with a hive, your local natural market is asking you to support pollinators by buying organic, or your last trip to the Savannah Bee Company Shop left you inspired (we recommend taking a seat at their Meadery Bar, or getting a honey-sweetened latte). What’s all the buzz? In recent years, pollinators -- especially bees - have gotten some press because of their dwindling numbers, due in part to diseases which cause Colony Collapse Disorder. What started as a scientific study became a political movement in 2017, when Greenpeace announced their Save the Bees campaign and called out the Trump administration for putting the bumblebee’s endangered species status on hold. The campaign must’ve resonated, as Google Searches for “Save the Bees” reached an all-time high. In the Global Shaper Survey of 2017, nearly half of millennial respondents aged 18 to 35-years old said that they consider climate change the top global concern. Which brings us back to the beehive: not only does it produce liquid gold (we’ll take honey over table sugar any day), it also aligns with our values.

P.S., before you run out and buy a bee hotel for your backyard, make sure you’re committed. They need to be cleaned annually to prevent the spread of parasites and disease (remember: save the bees). Want a little taste before you dive in headfirst? Book a night at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, which reportedly hosts 50,000 bees on its rooftop. Or, add Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Lotion or Shea Moisture’s Manuka Honey Conditioner to your self-care routine. If you are ready to take the dive, MOM’s Organic Market & Richland Honey Bees partnered in early 2018 to offer beekeeping starter kits. We’re saving the world, one spoonful of honey at a time!

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Caitlin Sherwood



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