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March Trend Flight: Hangover Cures, West African Food, and Vegan 'Junk' Food

The Best Hangover Cure is Not Drinking

There are 651 results for “hangover cure” on Amazon alone all making claims to quell or shorten the hangover affliction. There are protein bars, pills, elixirs, and shots, all alleged antidotes to the morning after. We wanted to gather more data on how people were approaching the brown-bottle-flu, so we took to Instagram with a question requesting hangover cures. The answers included but were not limited to: activated charcoal, pear juice, IVs, cheerios, and Taco Bell. Hangover prevention points us to the larger phenomenon of convenience culture, we refuse to accept that the cure to a hangover is time, sleep, and hydration and we want a solution delivered to our door. Luckily, Amazon and other vendors happily oblige. According to DoorDash, college students order more food on Sundays over any other day. UberEats even collabed with a local restaurant to offer patrons a Fix-Up Feast to cure hangovers. The hangover industry is booming and is estimated to be a $1 billion industry. We asked Room 214’s videographer, Peter Kinskey, to put a Party Smart Capsule to the test. 

I figured one bottle of wine = one party smart capsule. Boy was I wrong. My stomach is in turmoil and my head is throbbing with the intensity of 1,000 suns. Do not trust this pill to cure your hangover. - PK

With the rise of performance food and convenience culture, we expect the hangover remedy-space to get increasingly crowded. Wake us up when there’s a remedy that actually works better than good old naps and hydration.

West African Food

The vibrant flavors of West Africa have undeniably reached the kitchens of America in 2020. Buoyed by adventurous palettes, food hall vendors, and Whole Foods, these spices and scents are adding a hearty dose of flavor to our increasingly plant-based diets. Pinterest cites a 311% increase in on-site searches for West African food. But West African flavors may truly be on the rise for their ability to encourage creativity in the kitchen.=

Recently-opened Rosetta Hall in Boulder is home to Jacaranda, a West African-American South food vendor that’s become a hit. Their menu boasts West African staples like domoda (a Gambian dish), fried fish yassa (a combo of Southern fried fish and Senegali yassa), and even the “Po’Ghana Boy” (an aptly named West African take on a traditional po’ boy). Jacaranda’s menu represents the wide range of directions the flavors can be taken, from traditional to experimental.

Want to try out some West African flavors at home? Look for big flavors like ginger, chilis, and yam to heighten more subdued foundations like teff (an ancient grain), plantain, and beans. We recommend starting with more basic recipes, but once you’re comfortable with the flavors don’t be afraid to go crazy and see what works! The spices and flavors of West Africa will quickly fill your kitchen and delight your senses in a way that few other cultures can.


Vegan Junk Food

If you are a vegan, you are used to having little-to-no options when going out for a bite. Lucky for you and all of the other vegans located in Boulder, CO, there is light at the end of the veggie tunnel. The Bumbling Bee is a vegan junk food restaurant located on the corner of Colorado Ave and 28th Street Frontage Road. They turned a borderline depressing sandwich shop into a hip vegan restaurant. 

If you are planning to check it out, here is what you should expect: When you first enter the space is reminiscent of a diner with a colorful chalkboard, checkered floors, and friendly staff. For a non-vegan, the menu has foods you didn't know existed and you will have questions like, how can a jackfruit be turned into nachos? The protein has names like Chickun instead of chicken and bakun instead of bacon. Shown above is the Montreal Chickun Gyro with a side of their popular chili cheese fries. So, if you are a vegan looking for more menu options or a non-vegan looking to experience the life, The Bumbling Bee does not disappoint. Here is a question to leave you with, is it still junk food if it’s vegan? 

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