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Natural Beauty Products Inspired by the Sea

Anyone who has taken a tropical vacation knows that being by the sea can make us feel better. It’s not only the break from the constant emails and the piña coladas that get us into a sublime state. Being near the ocean has real physical benefits. For instance:

  • The sound of waves alters our brain patterns and gets us into a more relaxed state.
  • Being by the ocean has been proven to “inspire creative thinking, reduce anxiety, and promote compassionate thinking.”
  • The salty air hitting our lungs helps clear up respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis, and sinus pressure.

Treatments like salt therapy aim to recreate these benefits by concentrating the same microparticles of salt you’d breath in during a 3-day beach vacation into a quick 45-minute session. And of course, we all know the euphoria that comes with swimming in the salty waves, seawater is rich with minerals like magnesium and is shown to hydrate skin, boost circulation and even help us sleep better.

If we could bottle the feeling of a tropical vacation, we would. These brands are doing the closest thing by taking elements of the ocean’s healing properties and turning them into products we can all get behind.


We all know seaweed can trigger a fight or flight response in us when it touches our leg in the ocean. Was that a shark or a piece of kelp? We can forgive seaweed for our past trauma because of its amazing benefits for the body. Armed with a team of scientists, Seaweed Bath Co determined the optimal combination of seaweed types that can help us “naturally detoxify, restore, and protect the moisture barrier” of our skin. In a survey of 82 women, 87% reported visibly transformed skin with fewer lines and wrinkles” after just four weeks of using SBC’s Marine Night Therapy. Seaweed Bath Co offers a myriad of ways to soak up the benefits of seaweed’s magic. All of their seaweed is sourced from Maine and there’s plenty of ways to indulge. You can detoxify in the tub with their Whole Seaweed Detox Bath, you can shrink those below-eye bags with their Restore + Protect Eye Treatment, or you can scrub your day away with their Refresh Exfoliating Detox Body Scrub. It’s time we stop avoiding the seaweed lurking in the ocean and start incorporating it into our daily beauty routines.


Now let’s sail over to another brand we love that’s bringing out the inner-mermaid in us all: Captain Blankenship. Their plant-based products are inspired by nature from the sea to the trees. Try their Sea Splash Face Cleanser made with natural marine botanical extracts. Want the fastest track to mermaid-like locks? Try their Mermaid Hair Care Set featuring their dry shampoo, sea salt hair spray, and mermaid hair oil. Turns out Captain Blankenship has a small Northeast state in common with Seaweed Bath Co: Maine. Founder, Jana Blankenship, grew up summering in Sorrento, Maine where she grew enamored with the sea’s ability to heal us. We spoke with Karen McDermott from Captain Blankenship who told us "The ocean is a healing force and one we crave as humans. At Captain Blankenship, we use the healing properties of the sea via our ingredients to capture that amazing feeling of salt water in our hair, or feeling the salty air on our skin. We also donate to 1% for the Planet and drive most of those funds towards organizations that work to conserve waterways."

It’s not like we weren’t already sold on this company (did we mention you can find some of their products at Target?) but we love that they are women-owned and run. We’re one nautical mile closer to a new and improved beauty routine thanks to Captain Blankenship.


It’s time we show the Cali surfer bro a little love with a brand that makes us want to hit the PCH with our surf boards (even though we’ve only been surfing once.) Inspired by the smooth ocean juxtaposed to Big Sur’s harsh cliffs, Big Surf California’s Jagged Cliff Soaps help us smooth our skin while using the rougher sand to get rid of dead skin. If you want to really transport yourself straight to the redwood forests, you can purchase their Smokewood and Embers Candle. The best part is, $1 of your purchase will be donated to fire protection and emergency services in California to “fight fire with fire” as their site so cleverly puts it. We may not be the best surfers, but this is a wave we can ride.


H2O + Beauty takes us back to the root of the elements with a focus on water filtration and a belief that hydration is the key to beautiful skin. They have a whole line of products devoted to sea salt like their body scrub and body butter. Did you think we were done talking about seaweed? Not quite! Their Oasis collection pulls in the benefits of seagrass, water lily, and aloe to beautify your skin. Not sure if your skin is getting the hydration it needs? H2O+ Beauty is offering a skin moisture meter to monitor how quenched your skin is daily. Cheers to hydrated skin, don’t worry it’s water!

With the rise of natural beauty products, especially among millennials, we will continue to see more products inspired from earth’s natural elements. Extra points to brands who outwardly advertise their ingredients and their benefits, as consumers are thirsty for more transparent and honest companies. We’re seeing many brands connecting the dots from their products’ ingredients to giving back initiatives that benefit the natural ingredients they were inspired by.

Consider this your doctor's note to book that trip you’ve been putting off. If you can’t book the trip, at least grab one of these products to turn your landlocked home into an ocean oasis. We know we did.

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