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New Bar on the Block: Launching a Bar Company with Emma Rosse

Despite the ever-growing number of options in the nutrition bar market, the savory flavor profile still remains fairly untouched. Take a trip down the bar aisle at any grocery store and you’ll see my point—cookie dough, mint chip, and peanut butter cup are just a few of the common flavors out there. But Emma Rosse and Catherine McElveen from Earthn Foods are set on making a change in that landscape with flavors that pop, like Miso Tamari and Lime Tamale. 

Still fresh on their journey, we spoke to Emma about what it’s been like to launch a company. 

Why did you start Earthn Foods? 

We started this company to scratch our own itch. We both wanted a product like the one Earthn Foods currently produces, and we couldn’t find it on the shelf at a grocery store. All we could find were sweet tasting, high sugar snack bars. Sure, they were all-natural, but we weren’t looking for dessert. When we would walk down the snack bar aisle, we were always hoping to find something savory that felt more like eating a small meal. After a long day spent hiking and scarfing down food bars primarily consisting of dates and chocolate in Buena Vista, Colorado we had had enough. We went home, and started experimenting with flavors and ingredients. Those recipes eventually became Earthn Foods. 

What has it been like to go from "zero" to full-on nutrition bar company in just a few weeks? 

In short, it has been fun. Every time we receive an email notifying us that an order has been placed, we get excited. During our second week we started to see repeat customers, which blew us away. We knew that we liked our product, but knowing that other people like them enough to come back for seconds is extremely inspiring.

What is your favorite Earthn Foods bar? 

We have four flavors currently. Turmeric Curry, Miso Tamari, Cacao Mole, and Lime Tamale. My favorite is Turmeric Curry, the “OG” Earthn Foods bar flavor. Cat’s favorite is Lime Tamale, which may be our most unique bar flavor. It contains sundried tomatoes, smoked paprika, and roasted Inca corn.

What’s next?

We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo in late September, which will be immensely helpful. It will go towards growing the business by funding inventory, manufacturing equipment, our commercial kitchen space, and streamlining our manufacturing process. We do everything ourselves, from marketing and sales to making and packaging every single bar. Also, we are very excited to begin partnering with local retail stores this fall to help establish a local presence in the Greater Denver area. 

Taste Earthn Foods’ savory bars by ordering from their online shop

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