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Personalized Nutrition

As modern consumers, we expect product personalization from custom skin care to vitamins, to our nutrition plans. In fact, "in some categories, more than 50% of consumers expressed interest in purchasing customized products or services." You have custom fit jeans, so why not a custom fit nutrition plan based on your genes? With a simple genetic sample and a hefty fee, you too could be on your way to improved health!

It's Personal

There's something to be said ofreceiving unique genetic results with engaging charts and maps generated based on your personal DNA! One company, Day Two, looks at the gut microbiome to determine a personalized nutrition plan to help manage blood sugar levels. PureGenomics uses genetic information from 23andme to help doctors recommend the appropriate supplements to their patients. All this genetic information can be overwhelming and can have us pondering if genetic ignorance is truly bliss. But with companies like Day Two, PureGenomics and the countless others like them we're able to translate the shiny graphs and maps into actionable everyday nutrition habits.

There's an App for That

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Hypothetically, these tools have armed you with all the knowledge you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Then, you step in the grocery store and the aisles of options induce an immediate analysis paralysis. You almost panic and drive to Chick-fil-a for a much-needed comfort until you remember there's an app for that! From gluten allergies to Keto, to Whole 30, apps like Pinto and VITL can help navigate daunting grocery stores. Users can simplify the shopping experience by scanning "the nutrition facts via a barcode and then assessing them according to the users' preferences." So, hold on to your grocery carts and let custom nutrition apps take the wheel.

What This Means for Brands

While much of this story is about science, and how companies are crusading the path forward in terms of genetic analysis, it also shines a light on consumers' continued and evolving desire for customized and personalized products. Nothing is one-size fits all, and consumers are increasingly proud of their individuality (Gen Z especially). We expect consumers to continue to lean toward niche brands that speak "directly to them," especially as more and more consumers take advantage of the genetic testing available to them, and as tests become more advanced.

Vanessa Kahn



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