Probiotics: Newer cases apply to more than your gut

It seems as though the wellness industry is constantly trying to get our attention with what’s new and next. But reaching perfection in your journey to be your best self may be as easy as casually consuming 20 billion bacteria strains in your next spoonful of yogurt. That’s right, we’re talking about probiotics.

New innovations for probiotic usage in yogurt and beyond are becoming relevant as companies expand on what these tiny bacteria can do for us.

These days, being “healthy” means a full body wellness makeover, from skin and hair to food sourcing to screen time (and even ‘wellness’ glasses, to protect yourself when you acquiesce and spend 10 minutes...or maybe 2 hours...scanning your various social media feeds).

But the new wave of probiotics products aren’t just good for your body. Once we started diving into the frenzy over fermentation we found that these friendly bacteria can provide a host of benefits to your daily routine, from clothing to beauty to clean gas alternatives.

Next level athleisure

Wondering what the next big thing in workout clothing could be? Look no further. Researchers at MIT have developed prototypes that use bacteria to physically open and close vents on clothing and shoes when and where the body heats up most.

The next big skin food

A quick Google search yielded uncountable brands offering skincare with added probiotics, prebiotics and skincare products aimed at healing your skin inside and out. While we’re partial to some “old-fashioned” skincare (Dove bar, anyone?) some of these brands have us ready to do some more hands-on...er...face-on?..research.

But what about your vehicle’s microbiome?

Renewable energy could be closer to home than we think -- in fact, right in our own bodies. Scientists in Finland and the UK have developed a new kind of fossil fuel, created from a bacterium found in the human intestine, which could replace the need for liquid petroleum gas. While the process has a long way to go in terms of commercial production, this type of innovation could power our vehicles and homes much longer than our reserves of petroleum will last.

But, if everything we’ve listed just feels like too much, just remember that probiotics are easily accessible -- they might even be as close as your fridge. The next time you dish up some plain, full fat, organic yogurt into your handmade ceramic bowl, slap some on your face for 20 minutes while you enjoy your snack. You’ll be surprised at how much your skin will thank you.

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