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How to Host a Party Like a Pro, According to Room 214

Hosting season has arrived in full force and before your relatives show up with lukewarm green bean casserole, there are some tips we think you should know. Our hosting pros are anthropologists of sorts who dabble in food studies and Oenology. That’s right, we’ve gathered the hosts and hostesses of Room 214 and their mothers, fathers, and uncles to unleash their sage hosting tips on this very blog. Without further adieu, meet the experts:

“Get a drink in people's hands ASAP. Many liquor stores allow you to return unused, unopened bottles of wine and liquor. What's fun is to buy more bottles than you need so the guests don't feel there is scarcity, it will improve the atmosphere and then you can return what you don't use.” -Co-Founder and Creator of Atmospheres, James Clark

“Have a sweet playlist prepared so you're not fussing with your phone during dinner. Also, I don't always do it but I like serving a specialty cocktail for the evening, makes things feel special.” -Account Director and Vibe Curator, John Franklin 

“Anything you can make in advance to freeze or refrigerate the night before is super helpful. Drink wine while cooking. Your timing of food is more likely to be messed up, but who cares!” -Account Director AKA I cook with wine sometimes I even add it to food, Jill Malilander

Organize your prep: group different tasks (all washing happens at once, chopping happens at once, etc.) Mise en place if you will. Before starting to prep, set out every single baking dish, serving dish and serving spoon you will use to ensure you have the room in your serving area and all the utensils you need. Bonus tip: Place a ramekin in a small bowl and fill with a little bit of water, then freeze. Right before your guests arrive, put your dip or sauce in it so it stays cold the remainder of the party. -Marketing Analyst AKA Party Analyst, Laura Oxler

“He makes good drinks and always makes sure everyone is satisfied with their food. He is always playing vibey music.” -Cannon Casey, Digital Marketing Specialist, about his uncle Jay

“Turn on lights around the house so it looks welcoming.” -Maya Shaff AKA goddess of light, Solutions Director

Host a themed party. It helps people come up with fun things to contribute to the party if they are excited about the theme. I once hosted a Pita Party, where I provided the pitas and everyone brought the fillings. -Caitlin Sherwood AKA Master of Themes, Account Director

If all else fails, do like our Director of Strategic Insights’, Michael Kwolek, does and “don’t host a party.” 

Seasons Greetings, 

Team Room 214

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