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Rose Tinted Glasses

Your Instagram feed is about to turn pink with summer water (AKA rosé) posts captioned "rosé all day" or "working nine to wine." Similar to iced coffee, rosé has gone from tacky to chic in the form of vosé (rosé vodka), rosé cider and rosé-flavored hard seltzer. And while many of these seem like fads, together they point towards a larger trends where rosé is the center of attention. For now, we expect these new takes to dominate poolsides and social channels alike.

Rosé Errrything

This little pink drink has grown up and become more sophisticated. Starting with rosé vodka - Hangar 1 was first on the scene with Three Olives soon after. From collabs with popular Millennial accounts like Betches, to vosé-themed pool parties at Coachella, they know where their target is. Nauti Seltzer is expanding the hard seltzer category with their new rosé-flavored seltzer, infused with hints of mandarin orange, raspberry peach, and cherry. And we're not done. Cosmopolitan published an article about not one, but nine, rosé ciders to try this summer. Expect some iteration of it to show up at every party topped with fresh fruit and adorned with a trendy paper straw.

Rise of Rosé on Insta

With almost 1.7MM uses of #rosé on Instagram, the pink wine owes some of it's clout to the platform. According to Nielsen, the primary drinkers are "females aged 21-34 who are most likely scrolling through social media." We see brands leveraging Instagram to reach these users with rosé products, too. Three Olives also recruited actress Busy Phillipps to promote the launch of its vosé on her channels. This trendy squad of beverages will be running rampant on Instagram this summer -- everywhere from rooftop bars to New York's famous pinknic.

What This Means for Brands

Influencer strategies on Instagram can help drive awareness to new product launches and position your brand as the authority in the category. With rosé, the influencer integration sare so natural, we're not sure when we're being marketed to, or when our favorite social storytellers are simply posting about their fave Summer beverage. Additionally, knowing Millennial pink is here to stay (from hair styles to beverages), consider integrating it into food photo shoots and experiment with lifestyle imagery to promote your brand in an authentic and relatable way.

Vanessa Kahn



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