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Unboxing a Brand: FabFitFun


For many brands, the unboxing experience is the first opportunity to make a lasting impression on your consumers. If you’re like us, you’ve seen an influx of influencers digging into tantalizing spreads of products in unboxing videos on your Instagram feed. So you might be wondering if this trend has had its moment and is on its way out. We think not. According to Forbes, “Since 2014, the [subscription box] market has grown by 890% and in 2017, was up by 10%. The first four months of 2018 were up by 4% over the same period in 2017.” So you get it, there’s a lot of pressure being put on that package arriving on your consumer’s doorstep and it’s not just for its timely arrival. During this unboxing series, we will look at how food and wellness brands are seizing the opportunity to box up (literally) their brand’s message in one consumer experience – what they’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement. Today, we’re opening FabFitFun’s Spring 2019 box. FabFitFun offers four seasonal boxes a year with full-size beauty and wellness products for $49.99 (products are valued at $200).


How does the brand come to life through the unboxing?

From the yellow “desert blooms” themed box to the FabFitFun 2019 official magazine inside—the lifestyle branding is extended through all elements of the experience. The brand highlights community on their site with members-only deals, online workout classes and a place for the FabFitFun community to connect. FabFitFun prompts subscribers to share their unboxing experience with #FabFitFun. Not only that, but FabFitFun offers entry into compelling giveaways like a trip to Punta Cana when you share on social. The personalization of the products encourages in person and online customer conversations about what they received. And of course, the FabFitFun name adorns everything from the top of the box, to the seasonal editorial.


How does the unboxing add to the experience?

Besides the members-only sales, FabFitFun is exclusively a subscription service. Therefore, their entire business model revolves around this beautiful box being compelling enough to keep consumers paying the seasonal fee. One thing they play up on all of their online mediums is the element of surprise and the fact that very few people send mail anymore, but everyone loves to receive mail.


What we learned while unboxing:

The first thing I noticed was that on the right-hand corner of the box it read” In support of Ian Somerhalder fountain.” I appreciated that I had to go looking for more information about FabFitFun’s philanthropic engagement because although I always want to support socially responsible brands I don’t need them to be ostentatious about the promotion of their giving back efforts. The extent to which the subscribers want to learn about the brand is up to each individual. For instance, will they really read the magazine? Will they follow the CTA on the back of the editorial that prompts them to visit FabFitFun’s website? I liked the self-driven brand exploration that came with the supplementary materials in the box. That said, I would have appreciated a simple card explaining what each product does. I’m not going to just change my skincare routine without a little evidence to convince me why I should. I would bet much of the FabFitFun audience is equally particular about their routine.


What could other marketers learn from the experience?

The FabFitFun unboxing experience was very nicely integrated from the box itself, to the magazine, to the online experience. Their product is naturally conducive to sharing from their artist designed, seasonally inspired box, to the aesthetically pleasing layout of products. I am loyal to the beauty products I use and do extensive research before adding a new product to my rotation. That said, FabFitFun is perfect for the beauty care aficionado with a hunger for trying new products.

Which box should the Food and Wellness team open next? Let us know in the comments.

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Vanessa Kahn



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