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Weird Wellness: Light and sound therapy, and crystal-infused water

There are so many alternative healing options popping up that we’re starting to think harvesting moonlight in a mason jar could be a profitable venture (officially copyrighting that now just in case). Let’s take a look at a few that piqued our interest.

Light Therapy

Ok, this one has been around since 2000 B.C. Take a dive into this wild world and you’ll continually be mind-blown. We can all get behind the fact that light is energy right? The concept here is that different light energies have different benefits.

Red supports circulatory and nervous functions, while blue is a great anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Green is said to increase healing and provide harmony and balance. Purple decreases sensitivity to pain and stimulates white blood cells for immunity, and is apparently wonderful for meditation. And finally, yellow stimulates the digestive system, helps with skin health, and increases energy.

Also included here are applications with invisible light like infrared, which can penetrate deeper into your joints and organs. New applications of light therapy include chromotherapy and infrared saunas, and single color sensory deprivation tanks.

Sound Therapy

Just like light therapy, this is an ancient practice. Tuning forks and singing bowls were both used for relaxation in ancient medicine, which ultimately reduces stress and inflammation.

This one is all about vibrations. Parts of our body are said to vibrate at different resonances, so different vibrations can stimulate different parts of the body and jumpstart the healing process. It’s like shaking off the excess sand from your flip flops.

If nothing else, sound therapy forces us to focus on just one of our senses, which aids in relaxation and stress reduction.

Now, vibroacoustic therapy is still used and was effective in alleviating back pain, and improving recovery and range of motion, and is being explored in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Crystal-Infused Water

Yeah, we had fruit infused water for a bit, but let’s go further.

Crystals are used for healing properties, to bring in positive energy while keeping negative energy out, and more. The thought is that the energy of the crystal is transferred to the water, and you ingest all the good energy from the crystal by drinking the water.

Although there are many DIY options, crystal-infusing water bottles are now sold online. Brands like VitaJuwel and Soji Energy have hopped on the trend toward infusing water with positive energy.

And, of course, each crystal has unique benefits. If you’re looking for a sense of calm, Amethyst Quartz has benefits of peace and energy. If you’re feeling the need to detox, Obsidian has benefits of purification and transformation.

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