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Wellness Watchlist: Unique Brands Fighting For Mental Health

Wellness brands don’t always fall into a neat category (much like wellness itself). Below are three brands in three industries outside of traditional “wellness.” These brands went outside the normal walls of marketing and have put mental health and emotional wellbeing at the forefront of their products and marketing message.


ban.do is an LA-based creator and curator of apparel, accessories, stationery and more. Its mission is to “make life a little bit brighter and a lot more fun.” However, in the last few years, ban.do has become more than watermelon wallets and glittery coffee tumblers. Founder Jen Gotch has started to position ban.do as a wellness company, focusing on mental and emotional wellbeing. They even have a wellness collection, featuring self-care products through a sparkly, fun lens of course.

Gotch has been open — very open — on her Snapchat, Instagram and podcast about her own struggle with mental illness and anxiety. Her refreshing, relatable vulnerability has been met with abundant support from the ban.do community.

The ban.do products often provide little moments of joy, aimed to uplifting yourself and other women. Most notably, ban.do partnered with Iconery and launched a set of nameplate necklaces with mental health words like “Anxiety” and “Depression.” The brand hopes these necklaces serve as a conversation starter for people to be more open about their mental health and emotional wellbeing.



Cigna offers health insurance and employee benefits programs. Celebrities famous for medical roles on screen, like Patrick Dempsey and Neil Patrick Harris, have been featured in Cigna’s marketing for years, but recently the brand shifted its message from just physical health, to the importance of the connection of body and mind.

The new ads directly address how stress, anxiety and other mental health issues affect your physical body, and vice versa. The campaign, “Take Control” encourages going for your annual check-up and being open with your doctor about anything you’re feeling — physically and emotionally. In addition to the commercials, Cigna includes behind the scenes interviews with the featured celebrities like Queen Latifah, Ted Danson and Joe Jonas about the importance of a holistic approach.

“It was important for me to partner with Cigna, because they’re looking at not just the body, but the mind.” - Queen Latifah

It’s not uncommon for a healthcare brand to talk about holistic health, but it’s worth noting Cigna’s shift, focusing on normalizing mental health issues and the connection between the body and mind.


Frost Bank

Most banks are talking about financial wellness, but Frost Bank in Texas has taken it a step further. The brand went all-in, hiring a research firm and psychology expert to develop a survey that explored the link between optimism and financial health, as well as the habits, attitudes and beliefs of optimists.

Frost completely re-skinned its social media to spread the message, “Opt for Optimism.” The brand launched a separate site optforoptimism.com, encouraging people to take a “30-day Optimism Challenge.” The site also includes tips, original content and their proprietary research highlights like, “Optimists experience 145 fewer days of financial stress per year than pessimists.”

Beyond financial well-being, optimism can be cultivated each and every day to improve emotional and physical health. With that in mind, we hope you’ll join us for 30 days of optimism.

On Frost Bank’s social profiles, traditional banking products and services have been completely replaced with tips and stories of hope, generosity and kindness.


These brands went outside of their “normal” messaging to address emotional wellbeing. Your brand might not fall into the “wellness” category, but what could you be doing to improve the emotional wellbeing of your customers?

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