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Crimson Hexagon
Online Conversation Analysis

Room 214 helps you leverage one of the most advanced social analytics platforms on the planet, uncovering conversational insights about your audience, market and growth potential.

  • Volume of online conversation for any subject matter
  • Identification of key themes and emerging topics
  • Competitive share of voice by brand or topic
  • Image intelligence and sentiment insights

Beyond basic social monitoring, traditional surveys and focus groups – your opportunity to categorize and collect insights at scale empowers better decisions about your brand effectively resonating in the marketplace.

Leading Market Research

Room 214 helps guide and validate audience and market insights, combining your customer data with social analytics and culturally informed consumer research (via Gartner/CEB) to:

  • Identify shifts in attitudes and behaviors
  • Recognize differences in audience demographics
  • Develop targeted personas and market segments
  • Craft customer journeys to inform content creation

Since 2007, Room 214 has been active in combining social intelligence platforms with traditional market research methods to inform critical business decisions.


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