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Content Audits
Content Audits

As a first step to content marketing strategy, Room 214 helps you you effectively assess the content you’ve already dedicated so many hours to produce or curate. Audits frequently address:

  • Content spanning each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Website, social and blog content quality grade
  • Categorical purpose (promotional, educational, entertaining)
  • Content mediums (written, audio, visual) and monitoring

Like most strategic engagements, getting a fresh set of eyes to determine where you are today will guide how you plan best for tomorrow.

Content Planning & Calendar Development

Room 214 helps you plan content for marketing calendars you already have, as well as creating new content calendars in support of:

  • Search engine optimization efforts
  • Community management / social media calendars
  • Quarterly or annual campaign initiatives
  • Content distribution and promotion

Room 214’s “stock and flow” approach helps ensure your scheduled (stock) content puts you in a better position to create responsive (flow) content needed to address current events or unforeseen circumstances.

Content Planning & Calendar Development

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