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case study


Education Vertical

We embarked on igniting engagement among Edtech leaders and educators in mid-size and small districts, as well as junior colleges, while striving to secure a prominent foothold in the education market share. The endeavor leveraged the dynamic capabilities of various marketing channels, integrating paid media, strategic messaging, UX enhancements, and innovative content development initiatives. Notably, our efforts exceeded expectations by surpassing qualified lead targets, brand reach, and closed sales.

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Without an investment in a content and advertising program to support sales, Samsung risked a missed opportunity to use its strong brand reputation and competitive product to gain significant market share. Also, without increased awareness, interest and high-quality leads early in the year, Samsung risked stagnated sales in Q1 and a target audience less primed for sales conversations in late Q3 and Q4—a crucial selling period.


By conducting interviews with Samsung's sales directors and product teams to validate foundational audience insights, we created valuable strategies and content aimed at capturing the attention of key decision-makers. With the developed comprehensive full-funnel marketing program, we engaged with key decision-makers at various stages of the buying process. Additionally, we meticulously identified the optimal mix of marketing channels and tactics to effectively reach the target audience, driving desired actions while maximizing budget efficiency.


Meticulously identified the optimal mix of marketing channels and tactics to effectively reach the target audiences and drive desired actions. Prioritized efficiency in budget allocation, ensuring that resources were utilized effectively to maximize ROI and achieve the marketing goals with each channel and piece of content.


In the span of just 5.5 months, the campaign made significant strides in generating tangible results. With a total of 7.9M impressions, the message was placed in front of a vast audience. Furthermore, the campaign successfully generated 4,403 quality leads, demonstrating the ability to engage the targeted audiences. This increased exposure secured $600k in confirmed SQL budgets, highlighting the effectiveness of the approach. These figures highlight our strategic depth and significant market impact.
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