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case study


Brand Positioning + New Product Launch Plan

In today's competitive landscape, we recognize the paramount importance of a customer-driven approach in shaping a brand strategy, messaging, category differentiation, and content creation. By applying the Jobs-to-be-Done method and prioritizing the needs and preferences of an audience, we aimed not only to establish a strong brand presence but also to drive all future strategic decisions and executions. Through this approach, we ensured alignment with their customers' evolving expectations and preferences, fostering deeper engagement and long-term brand loyalty.

Achieving pristine pool water has never been easier social media post


In the pool industry, our client faced a challenge to launch an updated product due to limited market and customer insights, and lacked a clear strategy for brand positioning. Facing the need to innovate and remain competitive, they required a focused approach involving market analysis, audience segmentation, and an impactful go-to-market plan. This ensured the new product not only launched successfully, but also secured a larger market share and outcompeted rivals.


Through conducting interviews with existing customers and delving into their purchasing behaviors, pool ownership challenges, and subsequent satisfaction with the product, we gleaned valuable insights into their lifestyles. These insights were then leveraged to craft a strategic approach. By pinpointing the primary pain points experienced by current customers in pool ownership—pain points effectively addressed by the product—we transformed these challenges into compelling narratives that highlighted solutions to common issues.


We tackled the product's solutions by creating a lifestyle campaign to introduce the latest, enhanced version. This encompassed crafting essential resolution messaging to the audience pain points, developing a B2B website, creating social media materials, producing videos, and devising a brand strategy aimed at resonating with the identified target audiences.


Every client's version of success is going to be different. Our collaboration with WaterGuru contributed to enhancing market perception, fostering steady growth in customer acquisitions, and eliciting abundant positive feedback from the impactful work executed by Room 214.
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