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The Coherence Method

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A Customer-focused System for Growing Your Business

The most successful companies on the planet commit to process, not tactics. That’s hard to do because tactical “best practices” constantly vie for your attention. They are the shiny objects of marketing you chase and hire experts for, only to fall short. This creates stress, blame, and doubt. The Coherence Method removes these undesirable outcomes and offers a proven path to growth. Already interested?

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The Coherence Method functions as your growth operating system, providing guidance and execution based on your unique business dynamics. It applies knowledge from hundreds of successful clients (B2C and B2B), over 20 of which have achieved significant exits - from IPOs to acquisitions in the billions. The 5 elements of the method include:



  • Know the Opportunity

  • Download the Customer

  • Lead the Category

How will you get from where you are today to where you want to go? This is where it begins, understanding how a deeper knowledge of your customers and your difference is the secret to every effective marketing and sales effort.

Get Clarity to Open Capacity
Coherent assessments with a fresh perspective help you align deeply so you can act quickly and adjust as needed.

Know the Progress Customers Seek
Structured conversations with Harvard's Jobs-to-be-done framework eliminate guesswork for what's next on your path to growing or scaling.

Set Priorities in Motion
Orienting your approach to the market as an industry / category leader drives big-picture thinking and immediate action. 


  • Reinforce the Position

  • Strengthen the Message

  • Purpose the Content


Did you know what David Ogilvy taught about direct response marketing over 80 years ago still applies today? The best brand and content strategists do. When these proven principles are correctly applied within your digital efforts, you win. 

Bring Brand Assets to Life
How you relevantly show up in the market comes from treating your brand as a living system that evolves with what you learn.

Make Your Messaging Resonate
With the right intelligence, you can articulate the right problems and answer the right questions that lead people to buy.  

Think Campaigns, Not Just Content
Recognize the gaps in content you have vs. need, then orchestrate the opportunity for customers to see, hear and buy from you. 


  • Pay for Placement

  • Communicate Frequently

  • Work the Channels

Do you think of your business as a media company? Many do not. Regardless, this is the most important paradigm shift for every company that must communicate who they are and what they uniquely offer at scale.   

Increase Traffic & Awareness
While the top of every (marketing) funnel is intentionally wide, we apply smart practices to limit unqualified leads.

Show Up Repeatedly 
Frequency and consistency around who you are and what you offer results in a steady rise above market competition. 

Strongly Establish in More than One Place
Activity is never a substitute for productivity. Reap better results when excellence is focused on one channel at a time.


  • Develop Workflows

  • Be Systematic

  • Don't Get SaaS'd

Have you thought about how your organization is bound by time, talent, and technology? Whether in the red or black, finding efficiencies is core to financial health and growth.

Establish a Cadence
Use consistencies to achieve the rhythms that help people and processes stay accountable to your objectives. 

Templatize Assets & Notifications
Define, schedule, and implement the triggers and repeatable processes that no longer need manual attention.

Invest in the Right Martech
Technology is a partial answer to a complete problem. Fully weigh in on a range of tech platforms, knowing cost is more than the price tag.


  • Use Data Wisely

  • Think Like a Scientist

  • Learn & Adjust

What does improvement look like for you? The Pareto Principle should be a guiding force: 20% of your actions drive 80% of desired results. This reality holds your potential for exponential growth in areas beyond common marketing metrics. 

Pursue a Single Source of Truth
Data can ironically mislead: while much is true, much is useless. Understand relevant correlations, variances and what best informs decisions. 

Create & Test with Experiments
Intentionally hypothesize, knowing doubt and failure results in more curiosity, discovery, and improvement.

Formalize How Decisions are Made
Make the story behind your numbers  include a forecast more like a confident weather report than a fairy tale. 

Each Coherence Method element plays a key role in the planning and implementation relevant to launching, growing and scaling functions of your marketing. What now? Save time: Schedule a 15-minute Zoom call with Room 214 Co-founder, Jason Cormier, to quickly determine a potential fit. Don't want to link to a calendar app? You can alternatively fill in the form below.


coherence framework.

We've seen it many times - marketing teams work hard, but results don't match the effort. The Room 214 Coherence Framework solves this problem. We find precisely what makes your brand different, and figure out the right ways to tell the world with the resources you have. That's how you drive sustained business growth.

Grow By Focusing On What Matters

When applied to your business, the Coherence Method helps you accelerate growth by focusing on what matters most. Investing in a proven, intelligent methodology for elevating your brand and offer means you and your customers ultimately benefit. 


Save Time: Schedule a 15-Minute Zoom Call


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this take, and how much does it cost?
We understand your circumstances are unique. You need some things done yesterday, others for next quarter, and some for next year –– often with different budgets and specifications. 

This is why we often work with two timelines - one to solve immediate problems and another to help set up your future success.

Your investment can vary widely, depending on the combination of project and/or monthly recurring help you would like. We have an average fees sheet to help you further pre-qualify and forecast when the time is right. Let’s talk to see if other elements of a potential fit are right first. 

What if I’m interested, but just need an expert to quickly take over for a few things right now (digital marketing, ads, search, email, content, social, website, etc.)

Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first. Let’s talk.

I don’t need everything I see here, just marketing help. How does that work with this?

Let’s schedule a Zoom call to talk about it. The performance of your brand, marketing, and sales is inherently connected. We often get requests for specific services, then learn soon after that certain fundamentals need to be in place before the request is executed.

What’s your sweet spot?

We specialize in a system that shows the world who you are and why customers must buy from you. We distill knowledge from deeply understanding your customers and your difference. Unlike research firms and most consultancies, we pull that knowledge through a methodology that creates growth by coherently connecting your brand, marketing and sales efforts. There's no single service offering we consider a "sweet spot." We maintain full-time, inhouse creative, copy and paid media resources to consult and help execute as needed. Unlike most digital marketing agencies, we have deep levels of technical/CTO expertise and unique platform offerings relevant to eCommerce, CRM and CMS requirements. 

Who are we (Room 214)?

Room 214 is a growth studio, offering a boutique approach (less than 30 full-time) to growing and scaling businesses with the Coherence Method.

We expect to go beyond what most others offer, and steering clear of many recycled ideas. Unlike some consultancies, we recognize strategy is useless without implementation. We find and bridge the gaps, doing much of the work required or serving as the trusted advisor and “witness” for what needs to be accomplished.

Our method eliminates points of incoherence that prevent brand, marketing and sales efforts from excelling together. Outcomes are not only focused on better marketing and sales performance, but how your organization becomes or remains a category leader.

Is this relevant for b2b, b2c and d2c companies?
Yes - and while a greater recent focus has been on eComm/D2C clients, we maintain a cross-industry balance.
What can you guarantee if I move forward with you?

We guarantee you will learn something that has the power to advance your career and/or knowledge of growing a business that truly works. We often begin our engagements with a 3-6 week audit process called the Coherence Accelerator. We guarantee you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the results. We guarantee that you will engage at the co-founder level, and won't be bound to long-term contracts that lock you into a place you don't wish to be. With relevant context, we guarantee we'll be the one team you call.



Don't just take our word for it

With over 17 years of helping hundreds of companies across multiple industries - we literally wrote the Amazon bestseller, Transformative Digital Marketing. If you have an urgent need to evolve your marketing and sales efforts, or need a better path to growth, the Coherence Method might be your answer. 

3 Time-Saving Steps to Verify Fit

We already have something in common: 24 hours in our day... so let's not waste a minute.

When you hop on a 15-minute Zoom call with Room 214 Co-founder, Jason Cormier, there is one of two outcomes: a no-go (which is just fine), or an agreement that it makes sense to learn and talk more. That's it.

What now? It's simple:


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