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Author Vanessa Kahn


December Trend Flight: Zero Proof Alcohol, Astrological Marketing Campaigns & Amaro

[embed]https://youtu.be/7vJq2oeGSwg[/embed]   The Next Wave of Wellness is Alcohol-Free You’re familiar with sobriety, but have you heard of sober...
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What Brands Need to Know About COPPA

Recently, COPPA has been a prominent topic among digital marketers and more specifically Youtubers. Even though COPPA is not a new regulation, it is...
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Producing a Webinar

Room 214 recently hosted a webinar on category leadership. If you missed it, you can find the recording here. Webinars are a service we provide for...
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November Trend Flight: Minimalist Phones, Ghost Restaurants, & Environmental Travel

Minimalist Phones In an age where schools have embraced technology through programs like STEM, and high schools provide Chromebooks (making lockers...
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How to Host a Party Like a Pro, According to Room 214

Hosting season has arrived in full force and before your relatives show up with lukewarm green bean casserole, there are some tips we think you...
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October Trend Flight: Intuitive Eating, Drunk Shopping, & Cheez-Its

Don't Drink and Prime There’s a reason meme culture is full of cautionary tales of what happens when you “drink and Prime.” I heard from a coworker...
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Exploring Israel, One Falafel at a Time

I recently returned from a two-week galavant across the 8,630 square miles that comprise Israel. While there, I observed a hub of religious...
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Top Five Storytelling Brands on Instagram

To get me to follow your brand is one thing, but to keep me following is another. The difference between the two is simple: storytelling. Are you...
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A Guide to Navigating Meat Food Labels for Brands

If you’re like us, approaching the meat section of the grocery store as a conscious consumer, who still loves delicious food, can be a challenge....
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Summer on the Rocks

Rooftop season, aka Summer 2019 has treated us well. With it came a host of cocktail innovations that perfectly quenched our desire for something...
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