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Marketing + Technology Services for eCommerce Businesses

Growing an eCommerce business is chaotic. Gain confidence knowing your strategy, messaging, positioning, and technology are aligned to grow your business – not just your apps library.

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✓ Stop Wasting Time with Tech

✓ Find Core Customer Clarity

✓ Grow & Scale Your Business

Do you struggle with

Do you struggle with:

  • Increasing costs of new customer acquisition
  • Hours wasted trying to make changes or updates to your website and eCommerce backend
  • No strategic plan in place in case of stagnant or declining revenue
  • Marketing team members saying, "Failure is part of the process."

Grow Revenue in Any Economy

Fix the chaos

Fix the Chaos

Implement clear messaging into proven marketing and eCommerce workflows to boost your revenue.

Know What Levers to Pull

Know What Levers to Pull

Take action with a prioritized plan aligning resources with your critical business needs.

Grow revenues

Grow Revenues

Use a core-customer focus to decrease ad-dependent growth, increase profitability, and future-proof your business.

Stuck at Home - Imagination

Introducing Our Expert-backed Halo Offer

We put DTC Companies on the path to profits.

Growth today requires financial clarity, marketing tethered to profit margins, and differentiation. Our new Halo offer delivers profit-driven, risk-mitigating, competitive differentiation from a team of seasoned experts. 

Discover the Halo Offer

We get it –
You just want your eCommerce to work.

Growing your eCommerce business today is chaotic. With Room 214, you get the positioning and messaging needed to grow and scale your business. We ground your brand in core customer insights, marketing tech stacks operated and executed by experts, and focus on expanding core customer acquisition to increase profitability.

Accelerate Customer Acquisition

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5-day email Acquisition Ascendancy course

You'll get a step-by-step guide to accelerating core customer acquisition, what pitfalls to avoid, and even some easy frameworks to implement. Our 5-day course will take your acquisition skills and profitably to new heights!

How it Works

Schedule a call

Schedule a Call

Set up a quick 30-minute call with an agency owner – it could change the trajectory of your business and life.

Get a plan

Get a plan

Clarity and confidence on where to deploy resources are critical for executive teams. Our plans simplify the approach to eCommerce growth and allow your team to move swiftly.

Grow your business

Grow your business

Growing and future-proofing your business, under any economic conditions, requires focus on the core customer and scalable technologies to support them.

Confidence in eCommerce

Confidence in eCommerce

Growing a DTC eCommerce business today can be chaotic and time-consuming. We help you get clarity on the core customer, why they buy from you, and how to acquire more of them. Then we manage EVERYTHING to make it happen!


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We could write an entire book about our journey with Room 214,
it’s the best thing that has happened to our business

Room 214 knows business, they are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about marketing. With Room 214 we have one partner for our brand, messaging, marketing and eCommerce operations support. They do a great job of communicating with us on a regular basis and showing us the value of the campaign that we have running. Reports are always detailed and on time and we can not be more happy and grateful with their professionalism and insight. We now spend more time growing our business rather than trying to fix it.



We appreciate your being able to juggle the seemingly endless requests, conversations, partners, ‘special situations’, schedules and our intermittent communication. That we could rely on you and easily hand things to you with confidence is testament to our partnership and trust.


Way above and beyond

We have been thrilled with the Room 214 relationship. You all have gone way above and beyond, and we thank you!


We love working with you

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We’re really excited for 2018. You’re great partners and we love working with you!



Your work is a large contributor to our results and we want to thank you for doing a great job for Natural Grocers. Eye of the tiger!



What a pleasure it is to work with your team. TOP NOTCH! I truly mean it, your team has been absolutely great with quickly learning our business, staying on top of schedules and helping us with our marketing programs.