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agency buyer’s guide

Did you miss the main event? Click here to download the full guide — the most useful, step-by-step, start-to-finish way to find, meet, qualify, select, negotiate and start working with the marketing agency you should be working with.

ABG Resources

Tools & Resources

Everything you need to get the most out of the Agency Buyer’s Guide is below, all in one place for your convenience!

Agency Hiring Checklist

Use this as your 12-step guide to tracking and following all activity included in the guide.

Agency Selection Scheduler

Use this as a basic Gantt chart and planning document to help you organize and share your timing with others.

Self-Assessment Worksheet

Use this to get everyone on the same page when it comes to goals, priorities, roles and functions.

Agency Roadmap Questionnaire

Use this to weigh the important options and preferences for agency qualification. Along with your Self Assessment, this will come in handy when you’re putting together your RFI and RFP docs.

RFI Template

Use this to solicit the interest of agencies, collect introductory rounds of information to validate assumptions and narrow the number of candidates receiving a RFP.

RFP Template

Use this to define more detailed requirements and parameters by which your “shortlist” of agency candidates may respond.

Agency Shortlist Template

Use this to prioritize the list of identified agencies that you’ll plan on sending a RFI and/or RFP.

Agency Selection Score Sheet

Use this to organize, evaluate, score and compare responses from agencies at any stage of your selection process.