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A more human approach to banking

Elevations Credit Union, founded in 1952, serves the Front Range of Colorado, a rapidly-evolving and increasingly competitive market. With plans to scale operations and grow market share in a big way, it needed to modernize its approach to marketing.

Culture started to shift toward supporting local businesses while the 2008 financial crisis sparked growing distrust of big banks. Elevations had the opportunity to stand apart from for-profit firms and build more personal relationships with current and future members. But it had to find a way to do so authentically and economically in a competitive market.

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building real relationships

building real relationships


establishing clear marketing systems

establishing clear marketing systems



Credit unions have traditionally had a hard time making an impression against big banks. But digital technology offers many creative ways to connect directly with the right audiences more efficiently and effectively. 

We needed to help Elevations establish clear digital marketing systems and strategies, then bring a meaningful brand personality to life to attract new members, grow share-of-wallet, and show the importance of Elevations in the Front Range community – all with a tight budget in a competitive market.


Elevations has a lot that big banks don’t – deep ties to the community in Colorado’s Front Range, and a more human approach to banking that benefits members (not shareholders). Elevations has the power to say and do the things larger financial firms can’t.


Room 214 worked closely with the Elevations marketing team and other agency partners over ten years to bring the brand’s personality and local relevance to life, while continuously improving the tactics for doing so. We balanced brand building with business goals to ensure we made an impact in the community while attracting new members, cross-selling, and growing into additional markets. Room 214 played a critical role in transforming Elevations into an industry leader for brand awareness and marketing.


    • During our 10-year partnership, membership grew 72%, assets were up 142%, loans increased 192%, and 5 new branches opened
    • MACQUEE award from the Marketing Association of Credit Unions and Diamond Best in Category award in 2017 & 2018
    • Organic traffic grew 117% between Q1 2019 and Q1 2020 while conversions went up 261% 
    • Site conversions from paid search grew 88% from Q1 2019 to Q1 2020
    • Special attention to high-impact products like HELOC and HELOAN resulted in a 37% drop in cost-per-acquisition


We’re not sure how many credit unions have won the two top marketing prizes in successive years for completely different campaigns: but it is a rare feat indeed.

This speaks to the consistently brilliant work of our amazing agency partners, and the ongoing drive for excellence from our talented marketing team.”

Susan Green, CMO