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Wellness Watchlist: Top Beauty Brands

Is your facemask as tasty as a cup of Mexican hot chocolate? Well, it might be soon with the wellness-focused innovation happening in the beauty space.

With the shift towards wellness and sourcing accountability, the beauty industry is changing. Clean products are no longer a nice-to-have — customers interested in wellness expect beauty brands to be cruelty-free and use clean, sustainable ingredients. In 2018, Sephora reacted to this shift, launching Clean at Sephora. Motto: “The beauty you want, minus the ingredients you might not.” Lately, beauty has earned credibility as being more than a superficial space — it's about expression, empowerment and feeling good. Below are five beauty brands in the wellness space we’re watching:

Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic founder Tero Isokauppil believes your life quality can be drastically improved by simple dietary tweaks. The brand, well known for its mushroom coffee, recently moved into the beauty space with a new line that includes a Mushroom Face Mask & Tonic and a Superfood Serum. Four Sigmatic’s adaptogenic products are already known for skin benefits, and following its brand promise, “If you can’t eat it, it’s not in our skincare.” Isokauppil told Allure that Four Sigmatics plans to get feedback on these introductory products and use that to expand its beauty line.


Glow Recipe

In a saturated market, Glow Recipe has clear differentiation as told by their tagline: Natural Korean beauty, hand-picked with love. Founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, former VPs of global marketing at L'Oréal, launched the brand in 2014 when they saw an opportunity with the rising K-beauty trend and their bicultural backgrounds. The brand has two promises: natural, harsh-free products and the latest skincare trends from Korea. The newest line, Sweet Chef, uses vegetables and vitamins to “boost your skin’s vitality and and deliver a healthy radiance."


Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant created its own category: Clean Compatible. After being frustrated with trying to treat her own skin issues, founder Tiffany Masterson taught herself about skin and ingredients. She identified six ingredients at the root of almost every skin issue, as the brand refers to them: The Suspicious 6. The brand has clear differentiation by using ingredients based on biocompatibility, both natural and synthetic — as long as they’re non-toxic.



Briogeo is known for naturally-based, personalized hair care products. The brand encourages fans to rethink their beauty routines and share how it feels to be #goingclean. Briogeo recently moved into the wellness space with its multifunctional product line B. Well. The first two products in the line, a castor oil and a tea tree oil, are crafted to nourish hair, skin, eyebrows and eyelashes. Just as Briogeo expanded outside of its hair focus to skin and body, we predict other brands in the beauty space will begin pushing “all over wellness” products.



More than ever, beauty is as much about how you feel as it is about how you look. The “makeup mindfulness” movement has blurred health and beauty -- it’s restorative as much as it is beautifying. In addition to her popular makeup and skincare products, Bobbi Brown launched Evolution 18, simple, nutritious products to help nourish inner and outer beauty. Not only does the Evolution_18 brand provide supplements, the social accounts offer wellness lifestyle advice, such as hydration practices or food recommendations based on skin issues.


The shift from visual aesthetics to “feeling good” manifests itself in a variety of ways in the beauty space, via gender neutralization; healthy, wholesome living; and messaging around self-love versus self-improvement. We will see more beauty brands creating “wellness lines” of products focusing on beauty from the inside out.

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